Welcome to our office

Welcome to our office



Welcome to our Dental Office

We are so pleased you have included our office in your search for a new dental home. Our goal will be to determine your necessary and “wish list’ dental treatment. As we go on this dental journey together, you can expect us to perform high quality, comprehensive dental care in the most efficient manner with clinical excellence and compassion. We use the most up to date diagnostic tools to make accurate diagnosis of the condition of your mouth. We will teach you how to combine professional dental care with proper, daily oral hygiene to maintain your optimum oral health.

A comprehensive new patient appointment will be done initially. Please make sure you have provided our team with your completed online new patient forms, any digital x-rays (especially panoramic and full mouth series), your dental treatment history report from any previous dentist and any dental coverage information. Based on the x-rays we receive and their diagnostic quality, it can then be decided what x-rays need to be taken to achieve your comprehensive exam. If we have not received your x-ray from your previous office by your appointment date, we will proceed with taking our own diagnostic x-rays and photographs.  Please have your records emailed to: smile@johnpowersdmd.com.

Your new patient visit will be scheduled for two hours in order to complete your full comprehensive exam. Please plan your day to accommodate this time frame.  Our hygienist will review your medical and dental history to make sure that any pre-existing medical condition, medication or supplement will not complicate future dental treatment. Please bring your current medication/supplement list. We will make an electronic chart of all your teeth, the restorations in them as well as any abnormalities in your mouth, jaws, TMJ joint, gums or soft tissues to establish a permanent record for you. Dental cleanings will not be done on this first appointment as we do not know what type of hygiene treatment is necessary for you. Afterwards, Dr. Powers will gather all the diagnostic tools and prepare a comprehensive treatment plan to your dental journey. The next visit will be for your “case presentation”. This is a no charge visit with Dr. Powers. He feels passionate about everyone being on the same dental page.  He will educate you about your mouth and suggest treatment options for your particular dental needs. You will be given a written treatment plan including a recommended appointment sequence and costs.

Our office hours are by appointment only. Please allow adequate travel time to our office. We welcome scheduled “meet and greet” time to see our dental home and put names together with our faces.  An appointment in our schedule is a bond of trust that we will be here to serve you and you will be present for treatment.  Please do your homework and read your dental coverage policies as well to understand your coverage before starting treatment.  We will help you utilize your dental benefits (insurance, FSA, HAS accounts) with the understanding we do not have the same information available to us as you do because of the “Privacy Act”.  Please read our “financial and appointment “policies and feel free to ask questions.

To protect everyone’s health, we maintain the highest standards of infection control. These efforts require extra time, effort and are expensive to provide, but the wellbeing of our staff and patients is our primary concern.  Our team is happy to serve you and we are very proud of our clean, modern dental office and the staff that brings our dental family to life. Smile BIG, It’s Contagious!