You Deserve a Beautiful Smile
for Your Special Day

You've probably spent a lot of time preparing for your wedding...

which might mean

  1. You’ve been drinking a lot of coffee (perhaps tea if you don’t drink coffee).
  2. You’ve had a few glasses of wine to relieve some headache
  3. Maybe you’ve sneaked in extra pieces of sweets
  4. Soft drinks may have been your alternative to these
  5.  You just haven’t had time for yourself

Whitening Toothpaste can only do so much for deep stains in your teeth!

Teeth whitening at our office can handle stubborn stains, and have you smiling beautifully on your special day.

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What Our Patients Say

I was very fortunate to find Dr. Powers over 20 years ago and I have remained a loyal and very happy customer with his office, and will continue to do so as long as they will have me! Dr. Powers has a wonderful staff, and you feel welcome when you arrive. Dr. Powers has a great "chair-side" manner, he is outgoing, funny, warm and caring, and always provides the best outcome for his patients.
Kristina M.
Our Patient
My experience meeting Dr. Powers and his assistant was wonderful. They were courteous, joyful and caring. On my first visit, Dr. Powers made sure my oral surgery was scheduled right away. Even though he was busy, he personally arranged it. I feel so blessed having found your practice because I know I can trust you all for my dental needs. I used to go to the Philippines to see my dentist because I had been scarred by previous experience here in the US. But after my first visit, I can confidently say that I am in good hands!
Sheilani E.
Our Patient
I enjoy visiting Dr. Powers office. The staff is personable and friendly and customer service is impeccable. I get the best cleanings and always referred to the best specialist for additional needs. I would recommend Dr. Powers and staff to everyone looking for a great dentist!

Adrianne H.
Our Patient

About John Powers, DMD

Dr. Powers is our dentist at John Powers, DMD

Dr. John Powers

Dr. Powers is a family & wellness dentist located in Greenbelt, MD that serves both restorative and cosmetic dental services. He is dedicated to educating his patients extensively to help them understand their oral health and their options to addressing their health concerns.

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